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Sign-up Guide for DWCN Membership

Qualifications and activities for participation in the Decent Work City Network (DWCN), an international organization among cities that promote leading labor policies in job and labor fields around the globe, are as follows.


Cities around the whole world, local governments, local autonomous bodies, labor related groups, etc.

Regular Member

City approved for membership at the regular general assembly,cities which have participated in the International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work.

Preliminary Member

City waiting for approval of the regular general assembly following submission of the membership application form.

Membership Procedure

Fill out the application form with the signature of the mayor (or representative of an officially recognized city or group), and submit to the DWCN Seoul Secretariat. Regular membership will be presented following the approval process of the general assembly.

Member Rights

The right to vote and approve the main agenda at the DWCN general meeting (Preliminary members may participate in some programs at a general assembly.) The right to state opinions and request amendments on regulations.

How to Participate

Fill out the Membership Application Form with the signature of the mayor or representative of an officially recognized city or institution, and submit to the Secretariat.

  • Email:
  • Address : DWCN Secretariat, Head of Labor Policy Division, 16F, City Square, Seoul City Hall Seomun Building 2,124, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Membership Application Form