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Welcome Message

There are growing calls for city governments to play social and contemporary roles in not only creating decent jobs that ensure the rights of workers, but also going beyond to help people live better lives. Recently, cities around the world are seeing firsthand that in order to make a difference in the lives of citizens, labor needs to be changed and respected, and only then will their citizens' lives be safe and sound.

The Decent Work City Network (DWCN) is an answer to such calls.
The DWCN is the first inter-city international organization in the field of labor. Although labor policies have moved on the national level, now is the time for cities to step up to protect the rights of their citizens and make workers' voices heard as cities are becoming increasingly important and necessary in today's world.

The DWCN makes it a top priority to make cities a place where workers are respected by establishing a “Decent Work City Labor Model” based on the decent work standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and expanding best practices in labor policies between cities. Moreover, the DWCN will prepare practical improvements to empower workers through continuous policy exchange and collaboration between cities.

Cities are the beginning and future of labor.
To take cities' policies and strategies to a higher level and make cities a place where labor and people are respected, the DWCN will run together as a running mate with all workers around the world.

Acting Mayor of Seoul
Seo Jeong Hyup