About DWCN

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About DWCN

About DWCN

Decent Work City Network: DWCN

Introduction to the DWCN

The Decent Work City Network(DWCN) is the first inter-city international organization in the field of labor, and its top priority is to develop a “Decent Work City Labor Model” in accordance with the decent work standards of the International Labour Organization(ILO).
Furthermore, the purpose of the DWCN is to establish an environment where labor is respected and the rights of workers are protected through continuous labor policy discussions and practices among DWCN members. The ILO officially cooperates with and supports the DWCN.

Major Roles and Initiatives

Develop an internationally applicable “Decent Work City Labor Model”
  • Establish a “Decent Work City Labor Model” based on the ILO's decent work standards

  • Encourage more effective policy implementation through preparing labor policies and strategies tailored to the characteristics of each city and industry

Share best practices in job and labor policies between member cities
  • Identify common problems and find solutions for the rapidly changing working environment

  • Support the rights of workers through policy exchanges and benchmarking

Create decent jobs and initiate joint labor programs
  • Promote research projects to establish a “Decent Work City Labor Model”

  • Develop programs to enhance leadership capability and skills in member cities

Manage the International Forum on Transforming Cities for Decent Work
  • Use the forum as a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and discussing the solutions to common challenges

  • Implement labor policies associated with decent work that are supported by ILO, member cities, and labor experts